Strengthening Brussels’ media clusters: Organisations, workers and communities of practice at Pôle Reyers and beyond [project completed]


David Domingo (ULB), Geoffroy Patriarche (USL-B), Ike Picone (VUB, overall coordination)


Sabri Derinöz (USL-B) (replacing Sylvain Plazy), Marlen Komorowski (VUB), Victor Wiard (ULB)


Agence de Développement Territorial/Agentschap voor Territoriale Ontwikkeling (ADT-ATO), especially involved in the valorisation of the research project (« godfather »).


Duration of the project

1st October 2014 – 30 September 2018


Media industries , Pôle Reyers, media cities, creative cities, media clusters, communities of practice, media workers, Brussels


The Media Clusters Brussels project is funded by Innoviris (Brussels Region of Belgium) through the « Anticipate-Prospective Research » programme.


The Projet de Plan Régional de Développement Durable / Ontwerp van Gewestelijk Plan voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling (2013), approved by the Brussels Regional Government on 12th December 2013, identifies the cultural and creative industries as one of the four key sectors of the metropolitan economy, and more specifically proposes a media city at Reyers as the first strategic cluster (Pôle Reyers) to develop in the coming five years.

However, despite the fact that the Brussels Region is committed to foster the development of the media sector, there is up until now hardly any empirical data available about the structure and dynamics of media organisations in Brussels.

Hence, this project aims at creating socio-economic value for the media industry in the Brussels Region and beyond by providing decision-makers with the in-depth knowledge they need regarding the media industry in Brussels while accompanying the phases of implementation of the Pôle Reyers.

The project encompasses the different subsectors of the media industry: print and online press, audiovisual production, advertising, web development, and educational institutions. The overarching research question is: How can the structure and dynamics of the media sector in the Brussels metropolis be enhanced to improve its social and economic roles? The mapping of the media industry will go well beyond the production of actual maps, as the research project will create a diverse array of analytic methods for collecting and presenting empirical data about the range and scope of the media industries in Brussels. Moreover, the prospective aim of the project is, amongst others, to envision future scenarios based on the development of the Pôle Reyers and its articulation with other clusters. Further, needs and gaps of the sector will be identified, and recommendations built on benchmarks will be offered to foster the positive developments of such a crucial industry. The research question is addressed from different but interrelated perspectives, by zooming in from a broader view to more narrow subjects of interest in cluster theory, thus addressing the media organisations (VUB), the media workers (ULB) and the media-related communities of practice (USL-B) within Brussels’ media sector.

More specifically, the aims of the USL-B work package are:

  • To build a better knowledge of the existing or emerging communities of practice in the media sector in Brussels.
  • To highlight the implications of communities of practice for different potential media city scenarios.
  • To consider the possible means through which communities of practices, and thus learning and innovation, can best be supported in the Brussels Region’s media sector.

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